Exploring the experience of children with disabilities at school settings in Vietnam context


The initial findings from 230 questionnaires’ survey and 36 interviews, in which informants are CWD, children with non-disabilities (CWND), parents of CWD, and teachers in school settings, are stated as: (a) the general understanding of disability is based on medical model and individual model rather than social model, such understandings contribute great impacts to the CWD’s experiences in their daily life in general and in school contexts in particular; (b) the most important difficulties which CWD experience at school are those of learning facilities, the empathy from their student peers and barriers in the physical environment; (c) the ways which CWD try to deal with such difficulties are mostly ‘do-by-themselves’ or try to adapt themselves rather than asking for supports actively. Based on these findings, recommendations for having further activities to change social awareness of disabilities, specific support structures for CWD and school staff are stated in order to promote the social inclusion of CWD in schools.

Link: https://springerplus.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/2193-1801-3-103