Life Experience of Ethnic Minorities in Urban of Vietnam: An Analysis of the Social Relationship and Social Networks

This article is a part of a research project supported by Vietnam National University-Hanoi about the social welfare of ethnic people in the urban and industrial zones, aims at identifying and describing the life experiences of these groups in the urbanization process. Shreds of evidence from analysing the social network, social connection, social interaction of research participants in their living and working places, it is found that the ethnic minorities face difficulties in setting their life in the new context. However, they tend to build the social cohesion and to be satisfied with the new life conditions to meet the objectives of having a better life and a job in the new context. The findings from this analysis also show that there is a difference among the living place, age group, gender correlated to the social network, social relation and life experiences in the new context. It is the initial finding from the survey of 600 ethnic people in urban of three provinces of Daklak, Lang Son and Binh Duong of Vietnam.